Day 2 & 3 – Healthy!

I am writing about both days as I won’t be able to blog this evening as I will be out – more on that soon.

One of the main reasons for me quitting drinking is to achieve optimal health. I am well known amongst my friends and family for being a health seeker. I love to train in the gym, I’m always looking for new healthy meal ideas and my instagram is basically full of recipes and evidence based practitioners in the health world. I too am currently studying to become a nutritionist.

Of course being a big drinker would often get in the way of my health seeking. I’d be tired Monday, Tuesday from the weekend so wouldn’t train to my full potential, my food intake would be way to high, I wouldn’t be motivated at work therefore I would beat myself up about being rubbish at my job so my mood would be super low, I’d go home and be irritated by my whole family because I’d not slept enough, you get the picture. I’m really hoping this will change.

I spend day 2 focussing on clearing my mind of things I needed to do that have been building up, I went for a run, I ate loads of vegetables and yummy healthy food. I caught up on some study that I have really been slacking with. I felt great about it, it was a good day. I still felt tired from the weekend though, those 3 day hangovers really do still happen, even my run was a slow tired run. I just kept thinking this time next week I will feel so much better as I won’t have touched a drop of alcohol!

Day 3 – if I am honest, work has also been affected but my boozing! Unmotivated Monday’s then running into Tuesday’s and Friday just being about boozy lunches and 3pm drinks! I think I only get 2 really good work days. By some miracle I am still doing really well but I know I can do better. Today I wake up with focus to smash the day ahead. I also have a little fear.

Tonight I am meeting my lovely friend for dinner. We always share a bottle, then another. She know that I am not drinking, I secretly hope she doesn’t too but that’s unlikely, that’s fine as I have to get used to it. We are great friends and chat like there is no tomorrow but I still feel a little anxiety that what if I run out of conversation, what if I can only talk so much because I’ve had wine? I am really trying to fight the silly little voice. I need to find a name for that voice! I will have a think about that.

It’s a beautiful day here in Sydney, spring is really kicking. It’s helping me feel positive, here goes day 3!

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