Day 4

I woke up today with a crashing headache, I don’t usually get headaches unless it’s a hangover one. This one I don’t feel like I deserve!

I went out with my friend last night for dinner. It was one of those places that if you go early for dinner then you get 50% off so it was really posh food but normal price with the 50% off 😆. The food was so good!

My friend didn’t drink! She wanted to support me, I was so grateful as it was so sweet of her but I also need to get used to people drinking around me and carrying on as normal. Anyway we had lovely food and chatting non stop for two hours, turns out I don’t need to drink to talk! We usually would have sank two bottle of wine between us easily in the that time. Aside from leaving feeling full of food I felt fresh to jump on the train home and we saved ourselves an extra $70 each by drinking water! What a bonus!

I was still in bed for 10pm feeling smug that I didn’t drink at a meal for the first time in probably 10 plus years! I was excited to wake up feeling all refreshed and I wake up with a headache, tired and grumpy 😡, I have no idea why and I really don’t feel like I deserve it.

I’m on the train on the way to work, one of my co workers has called in sick and I am really trying to be positive. Day 4 here we go.

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