The first booze free weekend

Day 4 and 5 I had a horrible headache, it was like a dull ache in the front of my eyes, I even left work early on Friday because of it. I was also exhausted. I’m not one to get headaches really, like very rare. I did wonder if it was related to not drinking, like a withdraw effect. Then I would think, na, that ridiculous I’m not an alcoholic! However if I think about it for the last two weeks previous to starting no alcohol I had drank 12 days out of 14. Enough drink everyday to feel the effects the next day, so maybe it was withdrawals? Who knows?!

The important thing is that day 6&7 I am fine! On Saturday we were invited to a birthday party in a local park. We have done this often, take a picnic, play games, listen to music, drink 2 bottles of Prosecco! I had fear, fear that I would hate it with out the booze, fear that I would be boring and everyone would notice, fear that I would want to leave after an hour.

Before we went to the park we went to the shops to buy the food, my husband was picking up a 6 pack, my daughter a bottle of sugar free lemonade and I had no clue, I just knew I didn’t want water. I saw some coconut water on offer and though I’d give it a whirl. I loved it and helped me so much to feel like I was still enjoying the drink I was having. So I think I have found my new sober drink! Yey!!

In fact I had such a great day, I got involved with the games which I wouldn’t usually as I would just want to drink, I ate yummy food, chatting with friends. Then I realised that this isn’t usually fun because I usually have a drink in my hand, it’s fun because it’s fun! I didn’t even notice other people were drinking. We left after 5 hours, I was ready to go by then. When I got home I felt so pleased with myself. I was tucked up in bed for 9.30pm on a Saturday night and I couldn’t have been happier.

Sunday, day 7, my daughter wakes me at 6am and we get up and go for a 5km trek! Fresh as a daisy and motivated.

I’m still not sleeping great, not sure why. I think I had in my head that I don’t sleep well because of the alcohol, I hope this changes in the next week or so, does anyone else know about this? It’s not That i don’t sleep, I usually get about 7-8 hours but is just very interrupted, not very deep. I certainly don’t wake up feeling fresh. Anyway it’s still early days.

Something else I struggle with is brain fog, this could be due to the sleep again but we’ll see how this week goes and if it improves.

Super proud of myself for doing a week and finding this weekend easier than I thought.

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