Anxiety is one of the main reasons I wanted to stop drinking. I didn’t like that I relied on a glass of wine to help with it but then that glass of wine or 2 or 3 would be the cause of my anxiety. A vicious circle I think you would agree and a trap so many of us are in!

Anxiety is rife in my family. My dad is a chronic anxiety sufferer, he’s also a big drinker. He thinks it calms him, don’t we all think this? It’s the norm to grab a glass of wine after a hard day, unwind, help you chill. I even noticed that I say it to my 7 year old daughter that mummy needs her medicine, my wine after a tough day (proud mummy moment)!! How bad is that? I’m basically preparing my daughter for dealing with life by drinking alcohol.

I’m two weeks in off the booze and I am genuinely noticing a difference in my stress levels. I seem a little more relaxed about things, I used to even get anxious about fun things that we would be doing that day. I would also get stressed about being back at the house in time for wine o clock, or stressed about the planning of an event to make sure we had enough alcohol ect. That stress has been completely removed! Maybe that’s it, that’s why I feel more relaxed 🤷‍♀️

Fully loving sober life so far. I feel like I am a better mum already, I’m not sure why, could be because I am not telling her drinking is the solution to anything anymore 🙈 in a bid to convince myself that that’s why I drink, to relax! I’m finding that actually alcohol was causing the stress for me.

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