What to drink?

Something I have struggled with is a drink replacement. I’m lucky that I love water but it’s not really that appealing is it?! Aside from wine though I’ve always drank water as I’m not keen on sugar drinks like coke or lemonade, I just don’t like the taste including the diet versions. Also being the health seeker I am I wanted to find an alternative that has some nutritional value.

My friend came to my house and slept over last week. We usually guzzle down a couple of bottles of wine while she is over. I decided to make an effort with what I drink rather than just drink water. I pulled out an old smoothie and juice book I have, Dusted off the NutriBullet and I found a recipe for a watermelon and strawberry frozen mocktail. I made it and it was so delicious and refreshing, I put it in a cocktail glass with fruit on the side. They went down well with all the family and my daughter could even get involved. I’ve also been drinking coconut water with lots of ice in a wine glass 😆.

I have a Halloween party coming up. I think I will try the no alcohol beer, bubbles or wine. Does anyone have experience with them, do they taste the same? My expectations are low!

So at least I’ve been super hydrated and getting my fruit in 🤪.

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