Dealing with life without turning to the bottle

I’ve been quiet this week and not posting so much. The last few weeks have been all about not drinking and trying to be healthier. This week Some life stuff happened out of the ordinary.

I had an incident with my daughter that I had to deal with, it’s the biggest parenting thing I have had to do and it was difficult. I’m usually really open about things but this is private to her. I also found out that a dear friend died. A friend that I haven’t seen for a few years as I now live in Australia but one that shaped my life to who I am today and will be so very missed.

The relevance to these things happening this week and this blog is that I didn’t drink. I would usually grab the bottle and use it as an excuse to drink more, it would usually be the first thing I would think of to do. Grab a drink, de-stress, make everything better until the next day! I didn’t even think about it!! I haven’t even wanted one.

This is a revelation to me and I now think I have really turned that corner, I’ve had a mind shift from all the things I’ve been reading, the blogs I’ve listened to and the people I have spoken with and my mind has shifted away from dependancy on alcohol when shit gets real. At least, I think! Still early days but I have going with it!

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