Just have one drink now and again!

When you tell people you are not drinking alcohol anymore they either say Oh you don’t drink that much do you or why don’t you just cut down?!!

I wish I could just cut down!

Can you imagine going to a free drinks party and only have one or two. Or a house party, taking 2 bottles of wine with you and only have a glass? There are people out there who do this, how? I really have no idea but they do, they exist. Unfortunately I am not one of them.

Its the same with high sugar/high fat and high processed foods. A bag a sweets in front of me then that bag will be empty within minutes, a bar of chocolate will be gone even quicker. I know someone who eats half a bar of chocolate and then saves the rest of later only to forget its there. That blows my mind.

So for me moderation or cutting back was never going to work. Even after the 3 months I have committed to initially I think I have to decide to quit for good or just go bad to my old ways. If I go back to drinking its will start off well and I will think I am in control then within a few weeks/months them old habits will creep back in.

I think most people say they are all of nothing. Its mind over matter really but we convince ourselves we are one or the other, usually as a reason or an excuse to do something we know we shouldn’t. Well this time I’m using it for good, I have an all or nothing personality so I will not drink any alcohol.

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