It’s a real buzz work in the nutrition world at the moment and I do get why. Lots more on that later.

When I stopped drinking one of the things I wanted to see an improvement in is my sleep quality. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t have insomnia, I don’t struggle to fall asleep, I don’t wake up in the night for long periods (not often anyway). The problem with me is I am a light sleeper. I go to bed at 9.30pm most nights for a 5.40am get up to ensure I am getting between the recommended 7-8 hours a night. As I am a light sleeper (and blame this on becoming a mum 8 years ago and I was a great sleeper before then) the slightest thing wakes me in the night, then when I wake up I wee. Sometimes I can wee 3 times in 1 night not including the wee before bed and the one you have when you get up. I can get woken up by my husband turning over, a bird at 4am literally I don’t know half the time what wakes me up. So I don’t often go into a deep sleep phase or REM for long enough periods of time therefore don’t wake up in the morning feeling that jump out of bed feeling (I mean is that even real?)

When I read the unexpected joy of being sober, Catherine the author talks of how after 2 weeks with no alcohol she started having these amazing deep and rested sleeps. Well that was enough to make me quit too 😆

I’m in my 7th week and I’m still waiting!
I wear one of those fit bit thingy’s. I know they are not completely accurate but since I quit drinking I’ve had only 2 good scores for sleep. I was blaming alcohol for my bad sleeps. However, I may not be getting amazing deep rested sleeps but at least I am not having those alcohol induced gross sleeps anymore. I do feel fresher in the mornings and have bags more energy so that’s a plus. I think if I look way back on my fit bit history my quality of sleep will be better overall it’s just not as much as I expected.

Sleep is really something I am keen to nail! I have routine, I have this lovely big bed with the best mattress, the temp in the room is ok at the mo, I turn off the blue light on my devices, I write lists for the next day so my mind is clear, I avoid caffeine after 12pm, I have a healthy diet, I try not to drink fluids after 8pm due to bladder night issues! The only thing I can’t quite give up is my Netflix hour before bed but surely my broken sleeps are not down to my queen of the south obsession! Hormones is another possibility! Stress? Who knows?

What I do know about sleep from the many podcasts and books I have read is it really is one of the most important factors for optimal health. For many reasons. Getting a good kip is great for your mental health, helps control your appetite throughout the day (tired? Carb load please)!, your mood is lifted, helps reduce stress and lowers blood pressure, help with better memory and of course are makes us not look like shit! See why I want to get better quality sleep? Let the search continue 😀

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