I woke up this morning thinking about gratitude. Its a big thing at the moment across social media isn’t it? Some swear by it some eye roll at it and some just dont believe in it.

I have been doing it on and off for years and personally love it. This is how I see it. Its a way of thinking. You are either positive or negative. The glass is either full or half empty. The universe is against you or the universe is for you. I am positive, my glass is half full and the universe works with me. If you don’t think of it like that then your thoughts are negative which in turn makes you a negative person and you think everyone and everything is against you. I know these people. They are generally unhappy with how there lives are going. Its just a mind shift.

Don’t get me wrong, I have low days and I am not one of those annoying chipper people all the time but overall I am a positive person. I put this down to the shear gratitude I feel for every single thing in my life.

At this very moment in New South Wales we have bush fires everywhere. Most are North and I live in the southern suburbs of Sydney. Its 40 degrees and I am sat in my house, boiling hot but feeling grateful that my house has not been affected by the fires and my family are safe. I am grateful for my health, my job, the coffee I drank this morning, my clothes, my laptop I write on, my family and the food I am having for dinner.

Just to bring the post back to how this relates to me quitting the booze. I mentioned that I have practiced gratitude on and off for years. Since I stopped drinking I have been doing it without realizing, I have been thinking about gratitude daily, easily, without trying. I’m not sure why but I think it could be because I feel overall wellness so my mind is clearer, my mood is higher therefore making me happier. Things seems more achievable to me rather than a massive chore. There are so many positives that I am getting from this experience and this one is a biggy.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Hi Emma
    I looked back at some of your posts I may not have read before. I do that when I feel my mood is low and this was brilliant. Just what I needed. I know tomorrow I’ll wake up and feel that calm clear head feeling and I’m going to stay positive about that tonight!
    Thanks for this post – it really helped ☺️☺️
    Claire xx

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