Who’s Judging – Part 1

I think this is an important topic. The reason being is that I still have this idea that some people think I am boring for not drinking. I can just tell, but I am aware that I could also be being a paranoid because I have a fear that I am boring.

I am just going to leave this list here. This is a list of all the people who we look up too for whatever reason. For there acting, singing, style, being outspoken, writing, we just automatically think they are cool! They are all sober! We don’t even think about if they drink alcohol or not. They are just cool! (in my opinion)

Blake Lively
Kendrink Lamar
Natalie Portman
Elton John
Demi Lovato
Shania Twain (big fan LOL)
Zac Effron
Bradley Cooper
Kristen Davis
Jada Pinkett Smith
Robert Downey Jr
Christina Ricci
Naomi Campbell
Leona Lewis
Lucy Hale
Rob Lowe
Calvin Harris
Eva Mendes
Daniel Radcliffe
Ben Affleck
Andy Murray
Brad Pitt
Jennifer Lopez
Pharrell Williams
Matthew Perry
Gerard Butler
Chris Martin
Ewan McGregor
Jim Carrey
Jennifer Hudson
Colin Farrell
Samuel L Jackson
50 cent

I begin to stalk some of them on the internet and every single one says how they have found actual happiness since stopping drink alcohol. Very inspiring!

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