Judgement – part 2

I listened to a great podcast today, it was with the one year no beer founder and Dr Rangen Chatterjee. It was about his journey, I love to hear peoples journey’s to no alcohol, it really spurs me on and inspired me.

They talked a little about the peer pressure of drinking. How many times have you gone out with friends and said you are not drinking and then someone has called you boring and you’ve said o go on then? It’s certainly happened to me (although not often as I was always drinking) but I’ve been that person who has done it to a friend too🙈

It made me think about why we do this? Why do they care if I’m drinking? What difference does it make to them? Why is it bothering them so much?

He then went onto to say that those who protest the loudest are the ones you are holding a mirror up too. It’s so true! As I said I have been that person who make the non drinker feel bad about not drinking. Another one is when people say they don’t trust anyone who doesn’t drink. Omg I have said that, what an absolute dick I am! It’s the most ridiculous thing to say, how do I even have any friends!!

I clearly have been having an issue with how much I drink for much longer than I was letting on! I have been on both sides of the judgement and because of this I am trying to understand the people I am receiving judgement off currently.

The biggest and most hurtful one is your boring. I’ve mentioned it many times in my blog and still have an issue with it. Nobody wants to be boring. I know I’m not boring so why does it bother me so much?

Alcohol is the one drug we get judged for quitting! When you put it like that it’s crazy! When you quit smoking you get nothing but encouragement, everyone knows it’s going to kill you eventually and nothing good come from smoking, it smells, it’s expensive and creates anxiety. Sound familiar? If I was trying to stop a coke habit, everyone would be Yey thank goodness, we were worried about you and we support you. When you quit alcohol you get oh but why? I didn’t think you drank much? Have one it won’t kill you! Just drink in moderation. Don’t be boring. It won’t be the same if you don’t drink. You’ve got to live! You won’t have a good time. You need to let your hair down. Urgh! Like we need to hear any of the above!
Now I have to say this is a select few. Most people are cool and are encouraging because they understand it and the reasons behind it.
What I need to remember is those who protest the loudest are the ones who may well come to me for tips one day!

4 thoughts on “Judgement – part 2

  1. This is so true. I have thought about this a lot recently but mainly because I can’t believe what I used to say to and about people who didn’t drink alcohol. I’m so ashamed now that I even had those thoughts, let alone said them out loud. It most definitely was because I needed alcohol (or so I thought) and someone else not drinking might mean less for me, or it would be more obvious how much I was actually having or I’d appear far more drunk because others were sober … or … or. Wow .. it really was about me me me wasn’t it?

    I too have found most people curious but very supportive. I haven’t yet been out out with my big drinking buddies (though I’m realising it was really only me drinking large amounts and obsessively encouraging others to do the same!) so I’ll have to wait and see what the reaction is there.


  2. I can relate to this and I can feel myself getting to the point where instead of feeling like I have something to feel apologetic about I’m going to come out fighting, something moderate like, “you poor fucker, still dependent on that shitty drug to get you through the evening, must be tough relying on a crutch like that!” Ah that felt good 😉

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