On top of the world

This week has been a reflection week. I’m nearly at the end of my 90 days of not drinking and I have to say this week I have been absolutely buzzin!.

I haven’t written about it because I didn’t want to sound smug but then I thought well surely its what people who are reading this and starting there alcohol free journey want to hear, that by week 11 you are feeling amazing?

I cant describe it. Its a calm feeling. I’m dealing with things that usually stress me the hell out (crowds in Sydney CBD at Christmas time, the overly busy gym, road rage to name the usual few) so much better. I’ve been smashing through my studies on my journey to and from work, I’ve been productive and motivated at work, everything is great at home, hitting PB’s in the gym with some lifts, I’m on top of life, I even finished my Christmas shopping. I’ve been annoyingly positive to the point where I have had to tone it down in front of people LOL!

I also felt confident enough to share my blog with some friends. 10 weeks ago this was top secret, I didn’t tell my husband about it until week 6 and only told my mum a couple of weeks ago. Its hard putting yourself out there and also because of the fear that I was going to fail I just didn’t want anyone to know. I just felt ready to tell them and I got some really good feedback, it made me feel even more motivated.

The reason for all the reflection this week and re-reading my blog from the beginning made me realise how far I have come without noticing. The first 6-7 weeks dragged and then the last 5 weeks have flown, old habits out of the window and new habits are in. The thought of continuing this journey after the 90 days doesn’t scare me anymore and I am seriously considering doing a year. I am going wait until the 90 days is done to decide.

All I can say is if feeling like I have done this week is what I have to look forward to I’m in! The last 11 weeks have been a really positive experience for me with some dips which is to be expected but way more highs, how can I not consider carrying on with it?

15 thoughts on “On top of the world

      1. I’m good,thirteen weeks sober for me this weekend . Big party in London tonight so another test but I don’t want to dread this or see it too much like a test. I’m determined to enjoy it. Like you, things have got easier especially last few weeks so I’m interested to see how I feel and react to tonight. Luckily there’s games planned as part of the evening and I love games and I reckon sober is the best way to play.
        Enjoy those parties channa, sounds like you are getting a lot from being alcohol free. 😀👍🏻 Jim x

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      2. That’s great Jim, I just started following your blog. I’m completely new to this WordPress thing I don’t even know how to find other blogs 😆😆
        That’s how I am trying to look at the parties, look forward rather than dread! The party games will help so much won’t they! Are you in the UK? I’m in Oz so it’s probably your Saturday night now, enjoy waking up fresh tomorrow!!
        Ps – my name is Emma, I just have a confusing blog name 😆

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  1. Hi Emma

    That’s so amazing. I’m really delighted for you. It’s really helpful for me to hear that you feel so great (and you deserve to feel smug) because I’m only at 3 weeks now and I my very upbeat mood from week 2 has lessened. I need to definitely keep going and I’m motivated now because of you!

    Don’t tone down being uber happy, it’s contagious. Keep going if you can, whatever you decide carry on blogging. I’d miss you if you weren’t here!

    Ps good for you for sharing with your nearest and dearest. I’m so glad they were supportive

    Claire xxx


  2. Emma! Love of all this! Its the way forward and I feel so proud of what you have achieved! It is SO hard to break the stereotypes of who people think you are and I am so glad you have got so much support! GO YOU!

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