What lane are you in?

I was listening to a podcast (ha ha I feel like that all I say) and it categorized drinkers into lanes and I just loved it.

Slow lane
Middle lane
Fast lane

I am 100% a middle lane drinker. I’ve dabbled in the slow lane from time to time and I’ve been known to crawl into to fast lane on holidays but as an overall average I would say I am middle lane.

Here’s how I see the lane’s (in my opinion)
Slow lane – You drink only on occasion. You can go weeks without drinking and not give it a 2nd thought. You can moderate and have 1 or 2 drinks easily but every now and again you have a binge and get hammered but that’s OK because its only every now and then. Slow lane drinkers have no issue with how much they drink at all. They do not use alcohol as a crutch.
Middle lane – You drink on the reg! You may have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday off but as that weekend draws closer you use that as an excuse to have a drink. Its nearly weekend after all. You tend to not usually just have one drink, you’ve opened the bottle you may as well finish it! You feel like you need that drink after a shit day at work, you take that first sip of wine and all that stress melts away. You cant imagine not drinking at the weekend. You binge drink. You have at least one or two hangovers a week. You sleep shit therefore you then eat shit then next day. You feel shit. Its basically just shit. You feel rubbish Mon-Wednesday as you are recovering from the weekend then by Thursday you start to feel human again and you get back on the grog. However you like to drink because you enjoy it, you like the taste. You think about cutting back on your drinking weekly.
Fast lane – You rely on drinking and you drink daily. Enough to get drunk most likely. You cant imagine not drinking and you are waiting for midday to strike to pour your drink because you convince yourself its then acceptable.

As you can see, I had a lot to say about the middle lane because that’s me. I also think its very easy to slip between the lanes but once you get stuck in the fast lane you find it more difficult to go back into the middle lane then the slow lane. In fact, coming from the middle lane into the slow lane is difficult too, moderation anyone! I have tried that many times and failed. This is why abstinence is working for me. I cant moderate. I’m the same with food.

I went for a run this morning and whilst running I thought about this no drinking journey and thought how similar they are. I am not a natural runner, I prefer resistance training but I run once or twice a week for my cardio. Before every run I think its going to be a struggle, I’m tired, my legs ache, its to hot, there are lots of reasons not to go. Then once I get going the first km is a really struggle, its takes my body a while to get into it and I have a mental struggle with it. Once to get into the middle of the run you think oh yeah I’m actually feeling good I can do this. Then there is a hill or two and you are just like FML this is tough, I cant do this, I’m going to stop soon, no i’ll keep going and i’ll stop at the next lamppost, then you get there and you say no i’ll stop at that road sign. Then all of a sudden you start to go down hill and then you start flying again and you’ve got through the hard part. You feel great. The its the last km, home stretch, you up your pace to do that big finish. You did it! You even did a personal best and you cant wait to go for that next run.

This is the perfect analogy for my journey.

9 thoughts on “What lane are you in?

  1. I love that analogy of the run. I am exactly like that when I run and I’m still just out the starting blocks when it comes to my sober journey. I too am in the middle lane. I’ve used the slow lane less and less as the years have gone by. I definitely have moments in the fast lane too. My drinking week would start Wednesday but it could slip into Tuesday if I convinced myself!
    Great post Emma

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    1. Hey Claire
      Haha I know, it’s so relevant isn’t it! It’s super easy to fall in and out of the lanes, well we are arnt even in a lane at the moment which we should be proud of. There are also bumps in the road 😆 that can make us trip! Damn I just thought of that now! I’m wondering how I will feel if I trip! X

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  2. Nice post Chaddy!

    I was in the middle lane but after doing that no alcohol for a month and then again after that I have moved quite easily into the middle lane with no issues.
    Some days I cannot even remember when last I had a drink.

    At first it was when we go out to a restaurant but then a month ago we went out and drank juice. I so feel the change, better focus, no brain fog, happier, stable mood, more energy, less irritability, better sleep quality, better food choices.

    Loving it and your blog is an inspiration to continue!

    You should make this more public, it is very relatable and many people will benefit from your journey.

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  3. We’ll have to hold each other up if we trip 😊
    We are perhaps on a country lane, with a few speed bumps and narrow passing places to navigate but we will get there .. it’ll just take some time. Xx


  4. Great share Emma. Not seen that idea about lanes before. I was definitely like you in the middle lane. It was Groundhog Day and feels great now to not have how I feel on certain days dictated by alcohol. Keep running Emma! Jim x

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