Dry Jan

Quote of the year for me – You have to know where you are to know where you want to be.

I heard this when I was thinking of stopping drinking. I loved it. It made me realize that I was drinking too much. As I am someone always trying to be healthier I knew drinking was holding me back.

Another is if you want to change you have to change something. Simple, direct and so true. Another favorite.

I’m 99 days into no drinking with no real goal at the moment. Once I did my 90 days I just thought I would continue but I feel I need to commit to a length of time. To have something to work towards. I will do dry January for the first time in my life.

I never used to understand dry Jan, if someone said to me they were doing it I would be all confused and ask why? Why would someone choose to not drink for no reason? Lol what an idiot I am! Its because I was jealous, I didn’t think so at the time but its because I didn’t think I could do it so I would try to bring others down, makes me feel ashamed. Now look at me, 99 days in, I haven’t drank at the hardest time of the year and not dry Jan seems like a breeze. Not because I’m not so amazing at not drinking, far from it. Its because everyone else will be doing it. I want to experience a world where I dont have to explain why i am not drinking, I can just say I’m doing dry Jan and its accepted, no questions asked.

For anyone doing it, I have tips to help you get through it.

  1. I’m not going to go through every benefit as there are too many (see previous posts) but I do want to say that before I quit I was a healthy person, no medical conditions, a healthy weight, physically fit and no mental health problems. I have still seen so many benefits so imagine how great someone would feel if they are not healthy.
  2. Know what you are going to drink – Heineken zero for me has been my savior. I drank non-alcoholic prosecco on Christmas day. I make a really nice mocktail. Make an effort with your drinks to ensure you are still drinking what you enjoy and not just water.
  3. Become a morning person if you aren’t already – fill your days and take advantage of the fresh mornings, you will learn to love them. Sometimes being up an hour before everyone else is great, even if you just sit and have a brew in peace.
  4. Find a project to do throughout the month – by this I mean something you want to achieve that’s not about your health such as weight loss and gym gains. So something you’ve been meaning to do for ages like decorate that spare room, start painting or writing again, sign up and attend a cooking class, get the gist? I’m not going to say what mine is as its so lame!
  5. Make realistic health goals too! If you want to lower your blood pressure, go get it tested at the beginning and at the end to see what difference you have made to your health.
  6. Get creative with your social calendar – don’t plan in any boozy nights, just don’t unless you have too. You’ll struggle to enjoy yourself and then you’ll feel down about it and it may make you drink. I started indoor rock climbing and early morning walks. Team up with your mates and arrange sober activities to do.
  7. Sugar – when you quit alcohol you are taking out a lot of sugar form your diet and you may get sugar cravings. Be prepared. Try to find something that will satisfy your sweet tooth but wont pile on the weight. Otherwise if you are one of those annoying people that can eat anything and get away with it then eat what you want!
  8. If its your thing join a forum. The one year no bear Facebook forum is really inspiring and can help keep you on track and there are lots of free blogs on the internet.
  9. Revel in the benefits and you might go longer than a month.

Hope this helps xx

10 thoughts on “Dry Jan

  1. What a great post Emma. Really sound advice. I’m desperate to know what your ‘lame’ goal was!!!
    I never thought about Jan that way, but it will be easier because people accept the not drinking in Jan. I also have no boozy nights planned other than one evening, but that involves social darts so it’ll be easier to manage being AF. I didn’t set a time goal for myself either. I actually didn’t even think I’d manage a week when I started this. All I know is that right now, I don’t want alcohol back in my life. I had a major wobble last night! Oh my way home from work I just wanted to go to a bar and have a huge glass of wine. It came out of nowhere, this mad craving. It upset me and made me anxious. BUT I realised it was because of other things that had happened or not happened that day and my default is still to take those feelings away using booze. Thankfully I didn’t. I downloaded a meditation app (my new goal!), I took a bath and I chilled the f**k out!! So, it can be done. We can handle situations without giving ourselves a hangover or risking our health.
    Good to hear from you my friend.
    Love reading your posts
    Claire xxx

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    1. Hey Claire!
      Aw did you, funny how it comes out nowhere! Damn that wine!! Are you about 6 weeks now Claire? So amazing, you didn’t pick the easiest time to quit 😆 you can do anything now!
      Wish I could take a bath but it’s 43 degrees here!!
      Once I did 12 weeks I wasn’t really sure what was next, I still feel unsure if this is forever, I want it to be but don’t if you know what I mean! Would love to move into the very slow lane permanently! At this point I don’t think I can. Amazing with the medication, I bought the calm app about 6 months ago and only used it twice so it’s also something I would like to practice more.
      It’s NYE 9pm here and I’m so rock and roll that I thinking of going bed and I don’t even care!
      Happy new year my dear xxx

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      1. Yep I’m with you on the NYE thing. I’m looking forward to New Year’s Day more to be honest.

        I’m going to definitely start the meditation practice and give yoga a go too. I suspect meditation is all about regular practice for it to become a positive habit.

        I have similar thoughts about the ‘forever’ thing. I do know though that I am in no position to ‘moderate’ and am unlikely to be for a long time. A friend of mine has been pretty much sober for just over a year and on Xmas day she had a few glasses of wine. She wanted to try and she felt she was in control and was pleased she’d done it. I think she was in the slow lane before she gave up though. I can see that even if I’d managed just a couple, the next day I’d think ‘I can do it again – no prob’ and then so on … until I’m whizzing into the fast lane once more. Best to stay on my country lane for the foreseeable. 😁😁

        Happy New Year to you Emma. I look forward to spending dry Jan with you xxx

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      2. I am 100% with you on that! I love that your friend did that and felt good for it, good for her.
        Yes me too to NYD, on my way to the airport for a trip to New Zealand feeling fresh as a daisy after a good night sleep! Last year would have been a different story 😄
        Me too, here’s to dry jan!! X

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  2. I’m doing dry Jan Emma! Have done it a couple of times before and cannot wait!!! Bring it on! And my routine and my veggies – this Christmas and NY fog needs to be gone haha! Don’t get me wrong I have loved the slow pace but my oh my I am ready to get back to real life ha x Happy New Year lovely xx

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  3. Hi Emma: I love this. It also didn’t occur to me that lots of other people would also be doing Dry January. It somehow does feel like a relief to be doing the normal thing again, if only for a while. Glad you are doing well! Happy New Year!

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