Emma are you still off the booze?

My final alcohol only blog!

I’ve been quiet I know, the thing is as time goes on I have less to say about my sober journey. At first I blogged to keep me accountable, then I discovered this wonderful community, I even realised I looked forward to writing the blog as I had so much to get off my chest. I don’t anymore. Although I love my life as it is right now there is nothing eventful happening, no big parties to stay sober through, its just work, family, study, gym and I love it.

So I have been thinking about changing the theme of my blog.

If you haven’t read previously I am at the later stages of a nutrition course, once I pass my exams I will be a nutritionist. I love to learn about health, all aspects of it and not just nutrition. Aside from the study I am doing I non stop listen to health, training and nutrition podcasts, listen to audio books and read articles all to develop my passion and knowledge for it. From all the learning I do about health I also love to practice being healthy too!

From my next post I will pick a subject to write about based on the evidence I have discovered/learnt to back it up and the experiences that I have also had with that subject. It will still be a personal blog and alcohol will still feature a lot i’m sure (er health!)

Aside from it being great experience for me to write about nutrition its also a stepping stone to building my confidence to get out onto other social media platforms eventually so I would love any questions or feedback along the way especially if you don’t agree with what I’m saying. Even though social media is a positive in some respects I also need to develop a thicker skin so I can handle myself out there. So when I am a famous nutritionist to the stars you can say you were with me from the beginning LOL!

I don’t have a huge amount of followers however the followers I have I would love to keep as you have offered my support when I have needed it and I hope the blog will still be relevant/helpful to your journey to a healthier life, that’s why we don’t drink isn’t it?

Emma xx

PS – yes I am still off the booze!

5 thoughts on “Emma are you still off the booze?

  1. I’m excited to read your posts already Emma! There’s so much information about nutrition, healthy eating, which foods we should and shouldn’t eat … I can’t make sense of it all. Now I’ll have you to summarise it for me and deliver it in bite size chunks 😉
    You go girl …. rising to the stars 🌟
    Claire xx

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