I did it!

It’s been a while since I wrote about booze and my no drinking journey.

If you have been following my journey you will know that after 3 months I was considering drinking again. It was always my aim to not drink for 3 months but then i felt so great and I was loving the benefits so much that just carried on. I also didn’t quite feel like I was ready to drink again, I felt a lot of guilt for even thinking about it and was a little ashamed by it.

I recently moved house and on the day I said to my husband I really fancy a drink to celebrate our new house. I felt no guilt or shame and I felt ready. Still nervous about over consuming I called my friend to see if she would share a bottle of bubbles with me. Of course, being the good friend she is she was happy to help!

We shared the bottle, I really enjoyed it. I felt that light happy drunk feeling, a little giggly. I’m glad I didn’t have anymore as I was have been hammered and the regrets would have kicked in. I didn’t have any hangover the next day and I slept ok. I convinced myself the next day though that my skin had gone grey 😆

So that’s it, I’m drinking again! I haven’t drank since then but I’ve wanted to! Mainly because work is full on and I’m home schooling and if you are doing both you will know what I mean! I will try not to drink than a bottle of wine a week. I don’t want bad habits to creep back in.

I’m happy that I got a point of feeling comfortable with the concept of drinking again, the 6 months was what I personally needed to change my habits. At the moment i feel have changed them habits but only time will tell. I could be back on the wagon before we know it.

What I do know is that I don’t need to drink and I want to drink when I want to drink rather than need it. I know how good it feels not to drink alcohol too and I won’t forget those reasons that kept me going.

One thing I still no is that I never want a hangover again so I’m hoping that stops the over consuming!

Emma xx

6 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. These are very much personal journeys and your experience shows there isn’t a right way or a wrong way just YOUR way. It’s good that you’ve felt able to drink again without it taking over as it did before and I hope you can maintain the balance you now have. Well done. X

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  2. i have been feeling the same way the last few months..we have had “alcohol” abound in our home( leftover from events) and no desire to drink it..but many times i have thought about it, then changed my mind simply because i really don’t like the taste any more. That being said..last friday , we had 2 bottles of beer left in the fridge from an event in Feb.( which i posted about). I happily drank both over a period of 5 hours while doing housework and laundry and enjoyed the relaxation without feeling guilty.I have been so tired of water & coffee i just wanted something different and i hate milk, juice, & soda. It took me over a year to feel comfortable around it…as jim said, we all have our own journey. 99% of the time i don’t even think about it. Something changed in my chemistry and usually the thought of it just turns my stomach….

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