Things I am loving and hating this year so far

I’m quite a positive person over all, the glass is half full and all that. However I cant help but be irritated by things. As its been such a strange and different start to the year I have been reflecting. As I love a list I thought I would note down what I am thinking about my year so far. Not the most interesting post but hey who’s life is interesting right now?

  • I am loving that people seem to be more conscious of activity.  Running, walking and online workouts, its great and I hope it continues when all this is over.
  • It bugs me when people say they are self-isolating then they go to the beach and buy coffee.  This isn’t self-isolation right?

Self-isolate meaning – do not leave your home/hotel unless it is an emergency do not go to public places such as work or shopping centres do not let visitors in – only people who usually live with you should be in your home.

  • It also bugs me when people say we are in lockdown.  Sydney has been lucky enough to not be in full lockdown.  We can still get takeaway, still visit Bunnings, go for walks on the beach.  Not really that restrictive.
  • People love drama.
  • Social media is the catalyst to all negative feelings towards people. I should think about coming off it.
  • I ordered Marley spoon which means I don’t have to think about what we are having for dinner, they will give me new veggie meal ideas and I will have time to make them.
  • I am no longer missing the gym.  I am loving my home workouts and recently bought a TRX.  Its enough! I’m actually kidding, I miss the gym so much I am just trying to be positive!
  • I love how many films I am watching.  I love films but for the last year I haven’t been watching as many, I watch at least 5 a week now.  I’m re-watching old classics like pulp fiction and rocky.
  • I haven’t felt my heart race with stress for over 3 weeks now.  Although home school starts again tomorrow so that could change
  • I turned 39 and I have never been or felt so healthy in all my life
  • Hating – my skin is bad – I was so excited for fresh skin with less pollution and make up.  I don’t think I have ever been so spotty!!
  • I am enjoying the slower pace of life.  No rushing, over committing and trying to please everyone.
  • Its been 4 weeks and I am not really missing people.  I am liking my family bubble.
  • Me and my daughter Hanna are so much closer and I have learnt so much more about her during this time.
  • I am not a school teacher and cant believe I ever wanted to be one.
  • I’m drinking again after a 6 month break and I’m still not sure how I am feeling about it.  I have enjoyed the odd glass, usually the first.
  • I love working from home. 
  • I am on top of my cleaning and washing.
  • The environmental benefits we are seeing makes me smile
  • Less traffic on the roads
  • Cheap petrol prices
  • I chopped all my hair off that I have been trying to grow for 2 years because one day I felt it made me look old
  • I have learnt to pluck my own eyebrows (not very well but I am giving it a go)  I also attempted my own pedicure, dyed my eyelashes and attempted a home facial 😊

10 thoughts on “Things I am loving and hating this year so far

  1. looks like a pretty complete list…good and bad…u guys are lucky about less restrictions . of course with my country, only half do not follow the rules and the rest of us are so confused we don’t even know if we are following them correctly day to day. also, refreshing to see you wrote about drinking, and being transparent is always a good thing. As i posted a few weeks back, i tried once again and failed miserably so haven’t tried again. I am missing fresh air..have been walking twice at a local park and need more of that but, something always seems to happen..rain or a crisis…i was maintaining my weight but i am fearing the worst at this point moving forward as its been almost 6 weeks here, and now – today in fact- they added new symptoms to the list we have to be on look out for. Its crazy! everyday i wake up in disbelief saying “WHEN will this be over?”…hugs and good vibes!!

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    1. Yes we have been lucky, I think only 6 cases across the country over night. I just cant believe how bad it is for you guys! It will be over eventually but wouldn’t it be nice to have an exact date haha. Its hard staying on track with all this change, if you are like me you will give yourself a hard time about it too but we can only do our best and adapt to our new environments. x

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  2. Great post Emma. We are very similar you and I. I’s like to know what your home workouts are as I’m struggling with anything but running st the moment. I have attempted eyebrow plucking – mixed results. I have also tried leg waxing! Not a huge success. I don’t really miss people that much. Not physically seeing them anyway. I quite like the ‘remote’ friendships and this blog. Plus you can really select who you want to connect with and easily avoid who you don’t!! I have come off all social media apart from word press. I really don’t miss it at all.

    Home schooling is hard work and my husband is a teacher!

    Love Claire xx

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    1. Haha claire no way is he a teacher, perfect! My patience is wearing thin!! Yes I think physically seeing them is what I meant! I think a large part of not wanting to really see people is because I don’t want any big drinking sessions. I’m try to stick to no more than half a bottle in one sitting which i am managing at home but not sure how it will go outside of my house. My house is my safe place 😆😆 x

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      1. I feel the same about drinking at all. I am managing ok in the safety of these four walls but that pressure to drink when I head out socially in order to relax and enjoy is always at the back of my mind. xx


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