1st challenge – SLEEP!

We start tomorrow!

I am starting with sleep because if we master this one thing it can help everything so much.

I know that we cant always get the sleep we need, because of kids, sleeping problems, pets or shift work.  I am not saying it needs to be perfect.  However, we can do our best.  That is all I am asking in this challenge, to try.  To create the habit over time.

Humans like routine and so does our sleep cycle.  Have you ever stayed up and watched two more episodes on Netflix and felt so rubbish the next day?  Wanted to eat the whole fridge contents, been grouchy and irritable and wished the day away.  Not great.  Or at weekend, stayed up super late and still woke up early, you then feel tired  for 3 days trying to catch up.  All your motivation just gone because you didn’t get enough sleep, another week lost because you may as well write this week off and start on Monday right? 

This week is about finding your routine.  You may already have one so this will be a piece of cake.

Set you bedtime
Set your alarm

Make sure you are getting 7-9 hours in bed

Easy 😊

I am taking part too.  I already have a routine but I am going to be a lot stricter with my bed time, even at the weekends.

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