Weight Gain!

Why does having enough sleep help with weight loss?

  • If we feel rested after a good night sleep your mood will be better, you’ll have more positive feeling therefore probably make better choices
  • A good sleep will mean you have more energy, your energy output (NEAT and other activity) is likely to be higher therefore you burn more calories
  • When we are sleep deprived our hunger hormone, Ghrelin, goes higher, this is make us feel more hunger and we will usually reach for the processed/simple carb foods
  • When sleep deprived you release less leptin (hormone that tells us we are full) therefore our appetite increases
  • Poor sleep can cause you to become insulin resistant over time. More chance of developing type  diabetes.

Studies show that people who sleep less overall have a higher BMI than those you get enough sleep.

I think this is enough to convince you to prioritise sleep. If we get this habit right from the beginning then we can really focus on the others to come.

Emma xx

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