Sleep and Alcohol

Most of my followers are from when I first started this blog, over a year ago, it was about me quitting alcohol for 3 months. This then turned into 6 months and actually changed my relationship with booze forever. If you also follow me on social media you will know I love the post about alcohol and health.

What we need to understand about alcohol and sleep is that its not helping us, we think its helping us getting sleep but its really not helping us stay there.

Alcohol is sedative, it will knock you out.  It will disrupt your sleep though and make you feel so much worse in the long run, actually even in the short run. 

It can stop you from entering REM (rapid eye movement sleep) stage of sleep, this is where we do a lot of our recovery from the previous day.  Its where our memory will stores things off into files in out brain and keeps them there so we can then recall on them.  This is why when you are sleep deprived you can get brain fog.  After a boozy night you can still have 8-9 hours sleep and still feel so tired the next day, this is why.  Your recovery sleep did not happen the way it should.

If you do drink daily, I recommend reducing this initially to every other day, then maybe just to 2 days per week.  This will help you sleep, your waistline and your wallet 😊

Emma x

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