Lockdown post!

Easy for me to say I know!  Still as I am from the UK, my husband is there too, I know how you are feeling.

Most people came out of lockdown last time feeling like shit, health wise.  I didn’t and here is why.  I stuck to the 5 tips below (with the exception of number 5 LOL because I’m not perfect)

  1. Humans are creatures of habit, we need routine, we like routine!  Once our routine is out of whack everything starts to crumble, keep it consistent.  This is the biggest tip of the tips.
  2. Don’t start eating a load of crap just because its lockdown!  If anything eat better, boost your immune system you’ll feel better and it will help with your mental health
  3. Activity – go outside for that 1 hour, as a family, on your own, be in nature.  Do new walks.  Get your steps up!  Do your home workouts.
  4. Don’t use this as an excuse to drink more booze – you are doing yourself a huge disservice.  Tough love – it is not helping you with your anxiety its making it worse, end of! (refer to all alcohol posts)
  5. If you finish work at 5, turn of then.  Spend time with the fam,  cook a dinner that take more time because you have more time, watch a film together, Christmas films galore on Netflix!

Emma x

5 thoughts on “Lockdown post!

      1. Two yoga sessions, a short walk and a brief go on my new bike. Plus work .
        Eating is still not healthy though … I need to focus on this much much more in coming weeks


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