Week 2 – Activity

Yes! This is my week!

If you last week was a habit you already had but you know you could move more then jump into the challenge here!

Some of you may be smashing your steps and workouts already. That’s great 😀

This is for those of you who need more focus, to challenge yourself a bit more or even for those who want to be held accountable.

I am pretty consistent but still need some focus some days, this will help with that.

What you need to do.
2000 more steps a day
Pick 1 exercise and do 3 sets of 10 everyday (or more if this doesn’t challenge you, pick a goal)

If you do 8000 steps now go for 10000 – this is a challenge after all
If you don’t currently do any exercise then do the 2nd part too – examples are on the slide

I already do lots of weight training but I am going to add in press ups daily as I would love to make my upper body stronger.

Who’s in??

This is week 2 so we must continue with week 1’s habit. This is about adding in extra to help us feel healthier and form a long term habit.

How did sleep week go???

Emma x

4 thoughts on “Week 2 – Activity

  1. Sleep week was good apart from I had a rubbish sleep last night. I am going to focus on the steps this week as I have a very sedentary week ahead work wise and if I don’t put the effort into getting up out of my chair I’ll sit all day everyday looking at a screen. Bring it on!

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