The main part of our activity.  This is most likely (unless you are an athlete and train 6 hours a day) where most of your energy expenditure/calories burnt (aside from your body just staying alive and function) will come from.  We need to increase them.

Why do you hear 10,000 steps as a target so much?

This number has been recommended because some research has shown that 10,000 steps can achieve health benefits.  These include weight management, improved glucose tolerance, reduced blood pressure and overall better heart health.

What 10,000 steps looks like (average as we all have a different stride)

Around 7-8km walk

Approx 1 hour run
If you did it in one walk around 90-120 mins

Calories burn from 400 calories + (depending on pace, weight etc)

Does your target have to be 10,000 steps?


Any activity is great but lets try and do more if you feel you can.

If you are already doing 20,000 steps a day then you can chill 😊

If you are doing 2000 steps then chances are you can push this to 4000-5000 steps a day to begin with

I work at a desk all day.  I have to walk my daughter to school instead of drive, go to the gym, go for a long walk at lunch time, general pottering about of the day and I still only just manage 10,000 a day.  10,000 to me if a target that I have to try to hit, it can be a challenge.  I have to go for a run some days to squeeze in steps.  I’ve been known to walk around my garden to hit my steps. 

This week’s challenge is to push you a little further.  I will aim for 12,000 every day. 

Make your goal realistic based on the time you can give to it.

If you say you don’t have some time in the day somewhere then you are not prioritising it.  Happy for you to message me your itinerary and I will find time in your day to get some steps in 😊

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