Total Daily Energy Expenditure – TDEE

Understand this for fat loss!

This is why I bang on about NEAT all the time for fat loss goals.  Next to our BMR this is where we burn most of our calories throughout the day.

If you do a body pump class and then sit on your bum all day you are not doing your fat loss goals any good.  You would burn more calories doing 10,000 steps over the course of the day. 

Get your NEAT up!!

If there is one take away from this entire week on activity I would want you to have its to know that NEAT is important for our health.

Emma x

5 thoughts on “Total Daily Energy Expenditure – TDEE

  1. So I had an IT nightmare today which kept me pretty much static at my desk for most of the day. I did still do my daily yoga (with the other bloggers!) and an extra (v short) fat burn one. I walked up the road and back in the dark and rain to try and get some steps in! I’m not going to hit 10000 but prob 8000. I think I’ll accept that considering the day I’ve had 😂😂


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