We’ve done NEAT so let’s cover EAT

EAT – Exercise activity thermogenesis – around 5-10% of our daily calories are burned from EAT ( In yesterday’s post I referred to it as EEE but same same)

This is our planned exercise.  I think this should be changed to additional workouts.

Running or jogging is a grey area for me – I run to get my steps up on the days I know I won’t have time for a walk so I put that in my NEAT (even though its planned) it doesn’t really matter, no-one is monitor us to make sure we are doing it right LOL.  So my gym sessions (weight training) is my EAT.

Did you know that a 45 minute weight session for me only probably burns no more the 200 calories (if I’m lucky).  I don’t do it for calories burn, I do it for muscle build or maintenance. I rely on my NEAT for energy expenditure.

We need to switch our mindset to making EAT something we actually enjoy rather that enduring a class you hate (for me body attack) because you think it burns the most calories.  It’s likely the energy you are expending doing the class you don’t like is a very small difference to the class you actually like.   Imagine doing an exercise class you actually like 😊  You would want to go to it more right? This would make your EAT higher!

Please don’t think I am saying EAT doesn’t matter, of course it does. I am asking you to switch your mind set from thinking that EAT is superior to NEAT for fat loss.

I say get your NEAT and your EAT up 🙂

Emma x

2 thoughts on “EAT

  1. I love this. I did actually used to love combat, attack and step but stopped going regularly about a year ago. I find that I am now more likely to do half hr of yoga a day because I get so much from it. It doesn’t burn calories but walking and cycling will do that. It helps me feel strong inside and out and builds muscle and tones. Win win 👍


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