Get Strong!

So you can lift heavy shit and be bad ass!

Lol, that’s only part of it.

The more muscle we have the higher your BMR is.  BMR is the energy our body burns at rest.  So if we have more muscle we burn more calories.

If that’s not enough of a reason building muscle is going to give you that “toned” look.  Toned is literally more muscle less fat.

Stronger bones – help to stop us breaking our bones as we get older

Building muscle will make you feel strong AF!

To get these benefits you don’t have to be deadlifting.  Body weight/Calisthenics will do the trick, anything that increases strength and pushing your muscles to grow.

Girls – if you are a newbie you can build some muscle quite quickly but not enough to make you bulky! If you look bulky it’s because you probably have fat over your muscles. Please drop this misconception that you will look bulky. If you do get gains in an area you don’t like then don’t train that area. I’ve been trying to get glutes for a year 😆 I wish it was that easy!  

Emma x

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