No Time?!!

I imagine this to hit some nerves but before you press unfollow hear me out!  If you do still hit the unfollow button its probably because I’m right and your telling yourself that you really don’t have time 😊

It’s the biggest excuse in the book not to exercise!

The thing is we only make time for what we want to do.

If this you, are you telling me you cant find 30 minutes at some point in the day, out of the 24 hours we have you cant do some kind of activity?   OK, maybe if you had 4 kids under the age of 5, are a single parent with a full time job but to be fair your probably pretty active anyway because of that.  Or that you are so busy that you cant do 10 squats whilst you wait for your coffee to boil?  Another one – I had to work though my lunch break, did you really?  Or could that thing you needed to do over lunch not have waiting for 30 minutes? Its just an excuse to tell yourself, be honest with yourself!

Task – look at your activity of phone use in your phone.  See how much of it is social media.  Half it and use that time to do some kind of activity.  There’s your time!

Some days are more manic than others, I know this but if everyday of the week you cant wait some time then you just don’t want to.  You have to accept that you will not have the benefits that consistant exercise offers, end of. 

My tip – plan when you will do it.  Look at your diary and physically put it in your diary.

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