Hydration week

We all know we need to drink more but most of us have no idea why.

Sometimes if we understand why we need to do something we will, like to buy a house we have to save the money to do it.  Drinking hydrating fluids will help to keep you healthy.

You here a lot that we should drink 2 litres of water very day, or 8 glasses per day.  

Truth is that it varies for each person.  It depended on body weight and activity.  The sum to do it x x your body weight and then some if you are working out or have a physical job.

If you drink next to nothing and then jump up to 2 litres each day, its probably not the best idea.  It needs to be gradual.  You will also pee way more especially at first.  

Each day I will give a tip to up your hydration.

Remember small changes make huge differences.

As this is week 3 – don’t forget to continue with week 1 and maintain a sleep routine and also keep week 2 activity up.

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