Day 1 of Hydration Week!

First of all, how do you feel about the big pictures I am posting? It’s literally because they are my Instagram posts and I am trying to keep it the same on here, Facebook and IG.

Your hydration may not be what you think it is!

Do the sum to see what your individual one should be. 

Example – 60kg /0.024 = 2500ml (2.5l)

As its day 1 of hydration week, once you know how much you should be drinking, have a normal hydration day and compare to how much you are drinking.  Take today to make note of when you are not drinking, if you go long periods of time without a drink, check your pee, see if there are changes throughout the day.  If you do go a long time with a drink, how do you feel?  Tired? Hungry? It will help you plan for when you should be making to effort to drink more.

It doesn’t just have to be water.  Other hydrating drinks are milk, juice, cola and tea and coffee.  However if you are watching your weight these all have calories in them so be mindful of that.

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