Week 4 – Protein Week!!

Protein is absolutely essential to life!  Lets shift our obsession from removing carbs to increasing our protein.

I hope this week will bust some myths around about protein being only important for people wanting to build muscle.  I want to help you realise how important it actually is to our health.

Myth 1 – you eat protein you get fat – wrong!  You only again if you eat more calories than you burn

Myth 2 – if you eat protein you will get muscly – NO!!  You have to train that muscle to build it, protein will help with that though!

Myth 3 – Protein is bad for your kidneys in healthy individuals – NO! 

Myth 4 – Protein supplements are for body builders – NO!  Supplements are a great way to get you to your protein goal if you need a little help. 

Very important – If you are in a calories deficit or on a diet you will need to increase your protein to what the slide says as a minimum.  The reason – to avoid you lose your existing muscle when in fat loss.  You want to be losing fat not your muscle!!   

So that’s why!  Tomorrow will be different types of protein and how to easily reach your protein goal!

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