Protein Value ideas

It is much easier to hit your protein goal if you eat animal products. 3 meals at 25g of protein and 2 10g of protein snacks and you wont be far off.

You will notice that it is much harder as a plant based eater as you would need to eat a high volume of food to get your protein in but it’s not impossible.  What is important is that you mix them up so you get a complete protein (essential amino acids, post to follow tomorrow).  I would also say Quorn products are great too, mince, sausages and you can get soy chicken nuggets now too!  More bang for your buck with these.

If you require help to hit your protein target then use the supplements.  Its always great to get your protein from foods sources because of other nutrients but 1 supplement a day is totally fine!

Tip – don’t use nuts as a protein source!  They are more of a fat than a protein, you would need to eat a hell of a lot to get 25g of protein. (include peanut butter unfortunately)

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