Know Your EAA’s

I don’t want to lose you here but its important to understand  what amino acids are.  Why?  So you know what types of protein to be eating for you goal.  Especially if you vegetarian, plant based or vegan.

We have complete and incomplete proteins.  I go on to explain what this means

Amino acids are the building blocks in the protein.  There are actually 100’s of them but only 20 that appear in the genetic code.  You may have heard of some of them without realising what they are, a popular one is Glutamine.

Out of the 20 amino acids we have 9 essential amino acids (EAA’s), we have to get these from the foods we eat. (see post for a list of essential amino acids)  Why?  For muscle protein synthesis (repair and build), immune support and the transport of nutrients.

A complete protein is one that contains all the EAA’S – animal based products

An in-complete protein is one that may contain some but not all of the EAA’s – mainly plant based products

That’s why if you don’t understand this and you don’t eat animal products you could be trying to eat lots of protein but not quite getting what you need.  You just need to mix them up and vary your Proteins.  Look at the slide for plant based compete protein variations.

If you do eat animal products and you are eating enough protein you should be getting what you need easily.

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