How to know which protein powder to pick?

How do you now which one to choose?

Even little miss Muffat got her protein in – little miss Muffat sat on her tuffet eating her curds (casein) and whey, 😊!

Here is a quick breakdown.

Whey Protein (Complete Protein) – there is whey isolate, whey concentrate and whey Hydrolysate.  The difference is in the processing.  Whey isolate removes more lactose and it suits people better as its nicer on your tummy.  Its cheaper too than the others. When picking a protein look at the nutritional ingredients.  

Tip – Try to pick one where the serving size is similar to the grams of protein per serve. For example 1 scoop maybe a serving size of 30g and it contains 27g of protein. That’s good. Better than 30g serving with 20g of protein. Make sense? This means it has less extra “stuff” in it 😊 – NOT VEGAN as whey is basically milk!

Benefits – it absorbs quicker than Casein making it better for muscle repair and recovery, best for around workouts.

Casein Protein (Complete Protein) – It digest slower than Whey.  Studies suggest that its best before bed.  Casein has much higher calcium content.  It has a lower Leucine (one of the BCAA’s) content than whey therefore suggests that whey would be better for muscle protein synthesis. – NOT VEGAN as also made from milk

Vegan Protein powders – there are so many, pea, hemp, soy to name a few.  Not all of them are complete proteins so be careful when choosing if that is what you are going for.  Vegan protein powders can also taste pretty gross but that’s just in my experience!  They can be easier to digest though as they don’t contain lactose.

My opinion – whey protein isolate for me.  Its cheap and you get more bang for your buck.  You will find that vegan powders are in pretty packaging and more aimed at the female market and whey seems to be more aimed at the male market.  That’s what it is though, just marketing.  If you are not a vegan go want help to get your protein up then go for whey protein isolate.

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