What is TEF?

I’ve mentioned this before when I did the post about how we burn calories.

It’s not often discussed and is overlooked but TEF can count up to 10-15% of our calories burnt per day.

What does it mean – its energy required for digestion, absorption and disposal of nutrients.  In other words your metabolism increases when we eat food to do what it needs to do with them in our body.

So which macro nutrient has the highest TEF – PROTEIN!!  By far.  Ever heard of the meat sweats 😊 That’s because of TEF. 

Protein use more energy to digest, up to 30%.  Compared to carbs which is around 10% and fat is even lower.

Therefore eating a higher protein diet can actually help with your fat loss goal, it could help you go into that calorie deficit.  You burn more calories eating protien.

Another reason to hit your protein goal!!!

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