To much to say about Fibre for one post and I will follow up with a full blog!

Why do we need fibre – because it helps us poo. Why do we need to poo? So we are not full of shit! Incentive enough??

Seriously – only 20% of Australian adults get the recommend 30g of fibre a day.

Even sadder fact – the biggest reason why kids get sent home from school sick is due to constipation!  Waaaaaaaa!! Makes me sad. 

Where so we get fibre from – Complex carbohydrates!  Fruit and veg (with skin ideally), wholegrain bread/pasta, brown rice, legumes, oats and other grains.  Basically plant foods.

Benefits of fibre – Helps maintain bowel health, lowers cholesterol levels, helps control blood sugar levels, aids in achieving healthy weight and so much more.

Signs you are not getting enough fibre – Constipation (less than 3 bowels movements a week)

TASK – ask your kids everyday if they are going to the loo!!  If no – increase their fibre.

Simple swaps to increase your fibre

Switch from white bread sandwiches to wholegrain breads

Brown rice instead of white

Don’t peel fruit and veg – just wash it (including potatoes)

How can you track it -aside from literally learning the fibre content of all the foods you eat you can pop it into my fitness pal too.  Its not super accurate but a pretty good guide.

I would advise you going from 0 to 30g of fibre in one day though, you will get a horrid stomach ache.  Build it up gradually over time.

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