Fat – the kind you eat!

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Eating fat does not mean you will gain body fat.

Fat is just calories.  You will only gain body fat if you eat more then you burn.

What you will need to be aware of is that fat is more calories dense than the other macros.

1g of fat is 9 calories
1g of protein is 4 calories
1g of carbs is 4 calories

This means that portion control with fat is key as it can be very easy to over eat.

Why is fat so important?

Its essential for optimal health

It’s a source of energy

Support cell growth

Fat helps the absorption of some nutrients

Fat also supports hormone health

What are good sources of fat?

Aim for healthy fats where you can.  Avocado, nuts, olive oil, oily fish, eggs

What about saturated fat, is it super bad?? 

To much of anything is a bad thing, just moderate but include it if you want to. 

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2 thoughts on “Fat – the kind you eat!

  1. The issue I have is if I select low fat alternatives to try and moderate then the sugar content is much higher. Sugar and I are not friends. I love it but it does not love me. It actually makes me feel unwell. I have sugar hangovers. It also causes pain in my muscles and joints. So I have to go for higher fat, less sugar.

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