Look After Number 1

Week 6 of the habits challenge.

Why is it that when you we do something for ourselves we feel guilt, we can feel selfish for it.  It’s absurd!

This could be a parent thing but I can feel guilty just going for a run! 

This weeks challenge is to look at your diary for the week and literally put 30 minutes in it each day where you do something for you.  We are not including workouts as these are part of our healthy lifestyles.  It has to be something that feel like a treat.

Examples are

A pedicure/Manicure
Read a book
Put a face mask on an lie on the bed and do nothing
Buy a donut, make a coffee, sit there and enjoy the frigging hell out of it in peace
A walk with no purpose and listen to a podcast
Uninterrupted yoga
A meditation

Whatever you like to do by yourself make time to do it. 

You can split the 30 minutes up.  Mine will have to be split.  I will have 20 minutes in the morning (tomorrow’s post) and then 10  minutes when Hanna goes to bed. #selfcare #selflove #love #loveyourself #motivation #mentalhealth #beauty #skincare #yourself #wellness #positivevibes #happiness #life #inspiration #positivity #wholehealthwithemma #whwehabits

2 thoughts on “Look After Number 1

  1. I have to say I have become so much better at doing this but it easier now my boys are older. I have that time back again and it’s easier to carve some out just for me. I do have a face mask just ready to go …

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