Morning Routine

Do you have one?

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Studies show that a structured morning routine leads to a more pro active day.

In my 20’s I was a night owl, I used to stay up until 2am most night binge watching box sets (age lol) and then rolling into work after a few hours’ sleep.  Had a kid, 9 years later I am fully a morning person and in bed at 9.30pm every night.   I love love love the mornings.

Why?  Its alone my time.  I am also super productive.

I want you to consider getting a routine in the mornings if you don’t already.  I’m not saying do 3 hours of mediation, 1 hour of yoga and then read a self help book before work.  Those people are crazy!  What I am saying is set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and do something you love before anyone else wakes up.

That could be to get up, make a coffee and so a 20 minute walk with it.  Or make a drink and get back in bed and read your book.  Just something so you are not jumping out of bed and rushing around like a crazy person and setting your day of with high stress!

I get up at 5.30am every morning (even at weekends), I go straight to my balcony and do 20 minutes of gentle yoga and the end I sit there and take 20 deep breaths in and out, not really thinking about anything in particular but just loving the quiet.  Then I make a coffee and I am ready to sit at my computer and start my day.  I do an hour then my daughter gets up and we start her day. 

Starting the day so chilled makes such a difference to my mood and how I feel.  I do that same at weekends to but with the coffee I will watch the tv.

I would love to hear of your morning routines??

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5 thoughts on “Morning Routine

  1. I don’t have a set routine and for the longest time I could not face mornings at all. I’m am starting to be better at getting up, even if it’s up to read if I don’t have work. I do however love my bed in the morning and like to sleep in a little. If I set my alarm early it is switched off and I go back to sleep 💤

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    1. Sleep is important too 😆 it has to work for you and if you prefer to get that extra sleep then that’s you. I naturally wake early and couldn’t get back to sleep, my mind is go go go! Sometimes it a good thing other times not so much!

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