Client Results

Why was Kay successful?

Here goal was realistic – 1/2lbs per week (0.5-1kg) is achievable

Her plan we set fitted into her life which means she adhered

She enjoyed the process

She understands how fat loss now works

Expectations were set from the very beginning

Kay knew that is didn’t have to be perfect, in fact for 2 weeks she was sick and she ate at maintenance.

Did she have to make changes?

Of course.  Nothing changes if nothing changes. 

Kay had to say no to the odd desert when eating out.

Kay realised her portion sizes were too large – she had to learn to adjust this

She had to realised that NEAT is important

Kay realised that hydration and sleep should be prioritized (she has a baby so can only do what she can do)

The biggest takeaway for Kay is that she now knows that this is a lifestyle, she feels fit, healthy and strong.

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