Festive Season Fear??

Part 1 (there is so  much to say for 1 post)

Do you fear the festive season? 

All the food and the booze!

Will it ruin all you hard work?
Will you gain all the weight back that you lost?
What will happen if you over eat?
What if you can’t control yourself?

Please know that you are not alone!

If you don’t have any of the above fears, fan bloody tastic.

For those of you who do have these worries I would like to offer some tips to help you.

Christmas time can be indulgent and delicious but Christmas time does not have to be a 4 week period of indulgence.  Here is how I will be handling the next 2 weeks.

Tip 1 – Do not make fat loss the goal.

Please accept that if you have a lot of social engagements and you don’t want to be counting your calories then fat loss over this time should not be the goal. If fact those scales are going to bring you zero joy, put them away until the new year.  However, we can aim for maintenance here.  If you have been in a calorie deficit then maintenance is likely to be 400-500 calories more per day.  You don’t have to go into the new year 5kg heavier then feeling the need to go vegan, keto, HIIT 6 times a week or whatever extreme diet is happening in Jan.

Tip 2 – A little of what you love

Don’t eat all the food, but do allow yourself to eat some of the food.  It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. 

You want the mince pie – eat the mince pie.  Just don’t eat 6.
You want the quality streets – pick 6 of your favourites out of the box, put the lid back on the box and put it away, go enjoy the 6 quality streets
Christmas dinner – just eat the friggin dinner until you feel full.  You do not have to finish every single bit of food on the plate.

Tip 3 – be mindful

Now is a good time to practice mindful eating and listen to hunger queues.  Think about how you will feel.  If you are happy to get so stuffed full and fall asleep on the couch then go for it, if you are ok with this.  If you want to feel satisfied but not over full, eat your food slower, really enjoy it.  Chocolate for breakfast?  Do it if you know you will feel ok about it but if you will feel awful for it then don’t do it.  Aim for between 4-8 on the hunger scale.  If you do this you will avoid that food hangover the day after.

Tip 4 – forgive yourself

We are humans and we are not perfect.  If you do go overboard, its fine.  Just make the next meal whatever makes you feel good.  Again it doesn’t have to be all of nothing.

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