Don’t be a dick!

There are so many posts from us health Instagram/blog accounts saying its ok to over indulge as its Christmas.

I would like to say its ok to want to feel healthy too.  Its ok to still want to achieve your goals whatever they are. 

This is what I hear

Oh live a little
Just relax, let your hair down
Your obsessed with being healthy
Just have 1 drink, go on your making me feel bad
Its not the same if you don’t drink

This is coming from our friends and family.  People making people feel bad for wanting to feel good, wanting to feel healthy and making healthier choices.  How crazy is that!!    

Imagine it the other way (the healthy person on the person not making healthy choices)

Oh, are you going to eat that?  That’s discussing, do you know what that is doing to you?Don’t drink too many, you’re a dick when you drink
Did you know alcohol can give you cancer?
A moment on the lips forever on the hips!

Lol you would have any friends left!

My advise – don’t be a dick!  You do you and leave them to do them.

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