This time in 2019 I was studying Nutrition and had a crippling fear of what I would do next.

I wanted to start a business but I had no idea how!

Dec 2020 and I have a fully functioning Nutrition business with my own amazing website, a 1000 ideas for it and I have clients! A year ago this was a pipe dream.  I overcame hurdles that were huge to me at the time, like setting up my social media.  Now they seem easy.

I doesn’t cost a lot to set up at all (minus the website)

How did I do it?  I literally started by doing one thing each day.

I want to share with you how I did it as you may be getting those going back to the job your hate feelings already.   I would love to make it a little more simple for you. 

  1. Pick a name – try to make it relevant to what you do and your industry
  2. Registered the name – firstly check no-one else has it (ASIC in Australia)
  3. Buy your domain and set up your business email address
  4. Check if you need insurances
  5. Design your logo – I did this using Canva – I even did a Canva course to learn how to use it
  6. Now define your services, your message and prices clearly
  7. Website – optional depending on your business
  8. Set up a business bank account
  9. Set up an online payment option – I use square and its so easy, you can send invoices too
  10. Set yourself up on google my business and other relevant directories
  11. Set up your socials – I have an IG, Facebook page and a wordpress blog
  12. Start creating content relevant to your business

You now have a business!  Now go out there and smash it.  Do it.  In a year you will be writing a post like this.

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