Scale Weight Explained!

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So you weigh yourself after the last week and you have put on 4KG!!! 

Please please please understand that for 4kg to be fat gain you will need to have eaten 30,800 extra calories.  That’s an extra 4400 calories extra on top of your maintenance calories (lets say 2000 calories) for the last 7 days.  That’s 6400 calories each day.

This weight most likely is water.  Sure some might be a little fat but most of it is very short term water retention.  Plus food volume that you may still have in your digestive tract.  

You probably feel a little bloated and heavy.  

If you do weigh yourself then know that you have not gained all this fat from a few days.  Have a few days to a week of returning to your normal eating and if you weigh in again you will see most of that weight gain will be gone. 

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