Happy New Year!!

I love New Year so much.  

I just love to reflect and then plan. I also make the whole family do it much to their joy!

I had a great year professionally.  Personally shit happened but its how you deal with it right?  

There is so much in our lives we can control with every decision we make,  so let’s make each decision one that we own weather it’s the right one or the wrong one.   

There is a lot we can’t control and COVID is one of them.  It’s going to be here in 2021 FACT, more so for some than others (my lovely UK friends and fam)  COVID affected my family directly this year so I feel I can say that I didn’t use it as an excuse once not to do something I wanted to do. I could of so easily, but I chose not to. Sure I had to change things around, things don’t go to plan but if its not COVID it will be something else in the way. 

Don’t put your life on hold for something we can’t control.  It can side track for a short time but it doesn’t have to derail us. 

Don’t use it as an excuse to drink more alcohol, not look after yourself, sit on the couch all day, let it consume you completely.

Choose not to drink more alcohol, look after yourself, be active as much as you can and in turn your mental health will me better.  These are the choices we can control.

Ask you, your friends and family these questions tonight.

Can you explain your year in 3 words?
What is your proudest moment?
Funniest moment?

What advice would you give to yourself in Jan 2020?

What 3 words would you like to see yourself describing 2021 this time next year? 

The last question!!  Use them answers to set your goals for 2021.

Happy New Year to all of you xxxxxxxx

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