Goal time!

I am a big goal setter and I have lots for the year to come.

One of them is to learn to put myself out there more on my social media platforms.  I find it difficult posting pictures of myself and talking about myself in fear of judgement.  It’s a confidence thing and I am getting better at it.  At the end of the day our social media platforms are to promote our businesses, we put together free content in the hope that people will want to work with us.  People buy people.  

So my post today is tell you about my goals personally and for my business.  This is because I want to attract people who are like me, so you can relate to me in some way, we will know then that we will work well together. 

Here are my goals.

Procrastinated over from last year

To climb the harbour bridge
To get my motorbike licence (booked)
To do 10 pull ups (currently working on it)
To do a beach clean up

New ones for this year

To qualify as a personal training (course starting in later Jan)
To turn 40 gracefully – being the healthiest and strongest I have ever been

Get a dog – picking him up at the end of Jan
Grow my glutes – its ok to have a body goal! More to come on this

To get better at climbing – I will book some lessons and go to climb fit more often
To do a little more for the environment – I will limit my beef intake, I love minced beef!
Take a ride in a hot air balloon – will tie this in with 40thbirthday
Go bike riding with Hanna more

Self-development – more education around becoming a better coach

Most of these are in action or I have a plan for.  

I will keep this list and reflect on it throughout the year.  I actually loved sitting down and thinking about what I wanted and how I will achieve it. 

Have you made your list yet?

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