Are you crash dieting?

Most qualified and evidence based Nutritionists will tell you until we are blue in the face not to crash diet.

But you will! You probably are already.

I’ve been there too. Overindulged, feel fat as, bloated, grey in the skin everything feels shit. So we go to the other extreme as start some fad diet where you are eating 1200 calories.

I’m not going to say don’t do it, (ok I am, don’t do it 😆)

Please just check how much protein you are eating. If not enough then you will be losing the muscle mass you already have and you will certainly not be building any new muscle. That’s not to weight you want to lose, you want to lose the fat!

Aim for at least 1.2g per kg of body weight (absolute min) up to 2.2g depending on your level of training.
20-30g of quality protein 3-5 meals per day.

Message me if you want a specific protein number for you as we are all different!
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