Social Media Woes!

Social media is exhausting!  It’s frustrating, confusing, tiresome, makes me feel sad and sometimes I just want to come off it completely.

On the other hand its inspiring, rewarding and educational and 50% of my business so far has come from either IG or Facebook.

I had a little break lately unintentionally.  I felt like everyone had said what I wanted to say and I had nothing to add.  I felt uninspired. 

Why I feel sad – This year I am seeing so many anti-diet posts,  love yourself the way you are posts, don’t set goals you’ve had a tough year pages. Pages encouraging people in lockdown to relax and eat and drink what they want to get them through it.   I understand the intentions of them I really do but I feel we are losing sight of why we do try to lose weight and why we set goals.  For our health and wellbeing, including mental health.

The purpose of my page is put out content that is based on science and experience.  I want to show you that living a healthy balanced life is actually not a massive effort and it’s a nice place to be and I feel like all the above pages are saying the opposite.  I feel like they are the other extreme to fad diets.  We need to find the middle ground.  The middle is where you will find balance.

So this is what I have to say today.

Its ok to want to diet to lose body fat – if you are obese then this is the best thing you can do for your health!  

Its ok to want to change a part of your body if that is in your control to do so.

Not everybody who wants to diet hates there body 
Its ok to love yourself and still want to lose body fat – I love myself but I still try to lose fat from time to time and change my body composition 

Its ok to have an aesthetic goal – 80% of women have one (made up stat but I bet its right)

Its ok to set January goals – It’s a really good time to re-focus and set intentions.  

Food police – yes you who pulls someone up when they are eating fries and supposed to be carb free – don’t be a twat!

Its ok if you don’t always love yourself – you are human

Thanks – I feel better now for the rant 😊

4 thoughts on “Social Media Woes!

  1. Emma, you know as well as I do that when people say “just eat what you like, yous deserve it it’s been hard”, it’s more about giving ourselves permission to eat and drink what we want with no guilt. BUT … there is always guilt and there are always consequences. Those pose are damaging, just as the birthday cards and meme’s telling us all that boozing to excess is ok and reasonable considering the current circumstances are also damaging. There are always consequences and repercussions to our actions. We simply delay the inevitable, make it more difficult to get back on track and ended up feeling worse about ourselves due to lack of control. Ignore it I say. And a break from social media is never a bad thing. Must be hard when it’s directly related to your work and livelihood though! Xx

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