Work with Me!!

Do you need some help with your health? 
No idea where to start? Sick of all the mixed messages about what to eat and what not to eat! Cardio or weights? Calorie counting or not? Have you yo-yo dieted all you life?

I am taking on 3 new clients a month.  My January is full so from Feb I am open!! 
Here’s how it works.

  1. We discuss your health goals and decide if we can work together
  2. I send you a very thorough pre- consultation form
  3. We arrange on appointment (online or in person) where we discuss and plan. (60-90 mins)
  4. I send you what we discussed and how to implement it with lots of resources to help you and guides/recipes books etc 
  5. We plan a start date and have checks in from there depending on the length of your goal

Who I want to work with

  1. People who are willing to make changes
  2. People who want to learn and educate themselves on how this actually works
  3. People who know that I can tell them how to do it and coach but it’s only you you can implement – there is no magic here I’m afraid 

What I don’t do

  1. Give meal plans.  I want you to learn how to eat for your goals not tell you what to eat

Why choose to work with me?

  1. I understand, I have possibly been there, I get it! 
  2. You are not a number to me, I am working with 3 people per month so I can really invest my time into you. 
  3. If I don’t know something – I will find out! 
  4. I am nice 😀

Message me on here or email me

I can work with Uk peeps too!! I can convert costs into £’s. It’s so much cheaper in OZ to see a nutritionist so take advantage!

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