The booze!

Can I still drink alcohol whilst I am trying to lose weight?

A common question!

The answer is Yes! 

How though? – you need to be able to do moderation.  If you can’t and fat loss is your goal you shouldn’t drink.  Here’s why.

So, we know you need to create a calorie deficit to lose fat.  Let’s say the calorie deficit over a week you have created is 3000 calories. This would be you on target to lose 0.5kg that week (ish)

You have a big night out planned.  You drink a bottle of prosecco, a large glass of wine and 2 expresso martinis.  In the alcohol alone there is 1500 calories.  Let’s add the fast food you have on the way home, let’s say McDonald’s big mac meal with a coke, 1170.  You wake up the next day feeling a little tender, craving something fatty and carby.  Bacon and egg roll from the local cafe, 600 calories. 

Total calories – 3270

That’s your whole deficit and more on one night out.  If you have 2 nights out a week like this then this will explain the weight gain you have experienced, even though you have been “good” all week.

You can 100% have a wine/beer or two here and there and still lose weight, you just need to be smart about it.

If you have a tendency to not be able to stop at one or two then I suggest you give it up for a while until you get to your goal πŸ™‚

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