Definition – the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats

I think this word has been lost in translation.  You hear the word diet and you immediately think weight loss or restrictive plan.
There is such a stigma attached the word.  I think we need to unlearn that the word diet is usually associated with restriction.  
Maybe then the anti-diet movement can change their name to the anti-restrictive diet movement 😂
I’m not about restriction, I promote balance and moderation to all my clients but to lose fat you do have to make some dietary sacrifices to get there, that might mean that you need to stop eating the things you over consume for a little while until you reach you goal.  It’s not forever.  Once you get to your goal you should be educated to know how to introduce the balance and moderation and maintain your hard work.  This is why working with a Nutritionist is great.
I actually know a really good one!! 

If you follow this page you are probably interested in improving your health already, sometimes a little extra help is needed.

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